History of the Clos de Mondétour

The house was probably built in the second half of the 16th century. In 1585 this 'stronghold' of Fontaine sous Jouy belonged to the Bassompierre family, and it was Monsieur François de BASSOMPIERE (1579-1646) Maréchal de France, who lived in the house. Over the centuries, the architecture of the house, in particular it's façade, underwent several notable changes.

Clos de Mondérour

When taxes were raised on windows, all the openings were bricked up. Time took its toll on the building as a whole and it was not properly maintained. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Mallard-Pieton family converted the property into a farm and so it remained until we bought it in 1991.

At first we renovated what was the farming wing on the left. In 2005 we decided to renovate the main building and endeavoured to recreate the original architectural harmony and restore the condemned windows.After two years of work we welcome guests to our property who enjoy old stones as much as we do, and who are looking for somewhere pleasant, calm and comfortable to stay. They will appreciate the friendly feel of a house filled with family memories and treasured antiques.

Clos de Mondétour, 17 Rue de la Poste, 27120 Fontaine sous Jouy (Normandy, France)
Phone: +33 2 323 668 79